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NAPS Branch 146

Miami, Florida

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Welcome to NAPS Branch 146 Website
Next meeting is Thursday, January 12, 2017
11600 NW 41 ST
MIAMI FL 33178 

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What is NAPS ?
The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) is a management association, not a union. We are committed to promote the welfare of our members, in cooperation with the USPS and other federal agencies, in an ongoing effort to improve service, raise efficiency standards, and widen opportunities for our members. NAPS is unique among federal management associations in that our rights are statutory, with a high level of detail concerning our relationship with USPS. (NAPS' rights are listed under Title 39 of the US Code, Section 1004.)

NAPS represents over 35,000 active and retired supervisors, managers and postmasters who work for or who retired from the United States Postal Service.

NAPS Membership


NAPS represents the overwhelming majority of first-line supervisors who work both in facilities where postal employees process mail and where they deliver mail. Our membership also includes other mid-level and senior managers in every functional area of the Postal Service, including marketing, finance, human resources and maintenance, to name a few. In addition, we have a growing number of Postmasters who decided to remain a part of our organization, even after being promoted to a Postmaster position.


Our members work in the field. We do not represent managers who work at USPS Headquarters in Washington, DC, or senior managers in the Postal Career Executive Service who are installation heads.


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