Carolyn Williams

<p class="font_8" style=""><span style=""><span style=""><span style="font-style:italic"><span style="font-weight:bold"><span style="">Carolyn&nbsp;</span></span></span><span style="">retired from the Postal Service as Manager, Distribution Operations, Tour 3, at the Miami International Service&nbsp;Center&nbsp;in January of 2013 after over&nbsp;44 years of service! Carolyn became a member of NAPS after her first supervisory&nbsp;position in 1983. She has held EAS positions in Customer Services, Marketing, and Operations. Over her&nbsp;30+ years as a Branch 146 member, she has served in Executive Board positions as Branch Secretary, Plant Vice President, and Executive Vice President prior to accepting the office of President in February 2010. </span></span></span></p>

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