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NAPS Branch 146 2019 Scholarship

Annual Scholarship Announcement

First Place - $1000.00


Second Place - $500.00

This year's essay question will be:


College tuition and large student loans with high finance rates can be financially crippling for graduates. What, if anything, can be done to make a college degree more affordable?

A scholarship of $1000.00 for first place and $500.00 for second place will be awarded to the winners of our 2019 Annual Scholarship Essay contest. Responses will be in the form of an essay that should be 1000 words or less. Essays will be judged on organization, focus and detail, sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, spelling and original thinking.  Only one entry per applicant will be accepted.  All NAPS Branch 146 members in good standing and their immediate family members (ie children, grandchildren) are eligible.


All essays must have the application form completed and mailed with the essay.  The deadline for all submissions will be January 10, 2020.  Both 1st and 2nd place scholarship winners will be invited to our April 9, 2020 meeting to collect their awards.  The 1st place winner will read their essay to the members attending the April meeting.  If an award recipient cannot attend the April meeting, they may attend the next meeting on May14, 2020 instead and receive their award.  If there is a valid reason why they cannot attend either of these meetings, their NAPS family member can attend and receive their award instead.  If their NAPS family member cannot attend either of these meetings as well (April or May), their award will go to the next ranked applicant who must attend the September or October meeting to receive the award.


Entries must be mailed (postmarked) by the scholarship deadline (1/10/2020} to:


NAPS Scholarship

PO Box 520001

Miami FL 33152-0001

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